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X-Ray Skeletal Survey

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X-Ray Skeletal Survey

At Dokki Scan, we offer comprehensive X-ray skeletal survey services that provide a detailed and thorough evaluation of your entire skeletal system. Our expert radiology specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to capture images of your bones, joints, and soft tissues, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Whether you require an X-ray skeletal survey for diagnostic purposes or as a part of a routine health assessment, you can trust Dokki Scan to deliver precise and reliable results.

A skeletal survey X-ray at Dokki Scan involves capturing multiple images of different parts of your body to assess any abnormalities, fractures, or bone diseases. Our dedicated team ensures that each image is taken with precision and care to guarantee a comprehensive evaluation of your skeletal health. With our commitment to excellence and accuracy, Dokki Scan is your trusted partner in maintaining a healthy and well-functioning skeletal system.


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