The Most Advanced Technologies

For The Most Accurate Diagnosis

30 years ago

The Brightest and Most Skilled Doctors Established a Radiology Center

In 1995, the elite of the brightest and most skilled doctors in the field of diagnostic radiology established a radiology center that leverages their experience in the field of radiology to provide the most accurate diagnosis to our patients by attaining the latest technology equipment and the most qualified radiologists and consultants.

Radiology Exams & Imaging Results Diagnosis

The latest technology equipment

That Can Only Be Found In 20 Radiology Centers World Wide.


PET-CT (GE Gen 2 – 5 cycles) gives the highest sensitivity and resolution worldwide that helps in a very early detection of tumors.


Equipped with Air Coil and DL Recon system that gives very high resolution clear of noise in short time. (The whole scan takes 4 to 10 mins)

MRI, CT, X-Ray

Equipped with soft and hardware which produce high definition which produce 1:1 natural size one film imaging any part of the body.

at Dokki scan

Your Comfort and Safety Is Our Utmost Priority

The comfort of the patients is realized while going to a radiology center which is easily accessible located at the ground floor, and the patient is doing the examinations immediately upon their arrival.


The center is located in the area of Al Dokki in the center of the capital and all types of transportation including the subway pass by which makes it easy to reach from anywhere inside or outside Cairo.

Ground Floor

The presence of the Centre at the ground and the first floor of Saridar Tower makes the entry of patients easy without any suffering for climbing the stairs or waiting for the elevator.

Working Duration (24-Hours)

The center is open during 24 hours on a daily basis, 365 days a year to provide a permanent service for patients with emergencies throughout the year with no previous reservation required.

Speed of Service Delivery

The center is equipped with multiple radiology machines, staff of doctors, technicians and workers, so that all types of radiation could be performed as soon as the patient was present.

All Radiology Exams

The diversity of the radiation devices used for diagnosis and the presence of all advanced machines within the center spare the patients from visiting more than one center.

Patient Safety

The medical safety system depends on handling skillfully any critical cases that might occur to patients while they are waiting for the tests, or while preparing the patients.

Open 24 hours / 7 Days A Week

Prepared For All Emergencies With
High Consideration To Patient Safety

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit under the supervision of a cardiologist and ICU specialist

Gases Network

A system of medical gases distributed in all the radiology units in the center

15 Big UBS

Electric chargers preventing any power outage during examinations.

Fire Fighting System

We have the latest fire alarm and fire extinguishing system with the highest safety.

the most reliable reporting

We Have Increased the Stages of Writing Your Report For More Accuracy

By providing the latest devices and the most accurate medical technologies, our advisors and specialists skilled in their fields can obtain accuracy and thoroughness in the report.

The stages of writing a report starts by typing an initial report by a specialist, then presenting it to a senior consultant to write the pre-finalizing report form, then a second consultant will finalize the report.

All without breaching the quickest deadline between all the other radiation centers.

Exams & PReparations

Do You Need To Prepare For Your Radiology Exam?

All radiology and advanced radiology exams are done using the latest technologies and reviewed by experienced consultants.

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