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U.S Guided Thyroid Biopsy

Needs Reservation.
Appointment is scheduled after presenting previous X-rays to the doctor.
INR & PT & PTT lab test.

U.S Guided Thyroid Biopsy

Welcome to Dokki Scan, where precision meets excellence in U/S guided thyroid biopsy procedures. Our dedicated team at Dokki Scan is committed to providing top-notch care using cutting-edge technology for accurate sampling of the thyroid gland. With a keen focus on innovation and accuracy, we ensure that every step of the biopsy process is performed with the utmost precision and care.

Trust our skilled specialists at Dokki Scan to deliver a seamless experience during your U/S guided thyroid biopsy. With a reputation for accuracy and efficiency, we take pride in utilizing advanced technology to ensure the precise sampling of the thyroid gland. At Dokki Scan, your well-being is our priority, and we strive to make your biopsy procedure a comfortable and reliable experience. Choose Dokki Scan for a trustworthy partner in your journey towards optimal health.

We also have examinations for U.S Guided Tapping and U.S Neck, in our Ultrasound & Colour Doppler.


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