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MRI Diffusion + MRI Perfusion

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Kidney function test (Creatinine - Blood Urea).

MRI Diffusion + MRI Perfusion

At Dokki Scan, we bring you the latest in advanced imaging techniques through MRI diffusion and perfusion scans. Our state-of-the-art radiology services unlock the power of detailed imaging, providing enhanced diagnostic capabilities for our patients. MRI diffusion imaging allows us to observe the movement of water molecules in tissues, helping us identify abnormalities at a cellular level with precision and accuracy.

Moreover, with MRI perfusion imaging, we delve deeper into evaluating blood flow and tissue perfusion patterns, enabling us to assess organ function and detect anomalies early on. At Dokki Scan, we prioritize delivering comprehensive and insightful scans that empower our medical team with the essential information needed for precise diagnosis and treatment planning. Trust us to provide you with meticulous and detailed MRI diffusion and perfusion scans for the utmost care and accurate results.


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