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Gastrographin Followthrough

Needs Reservation.
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Thursday
1- Refrain from gas-forming foods such as dairy products, eggs, and carbonated water at the last meal, and take into account that the patient's last meal should be light, such as (honey - jam - rusk - vegetable soup - or any boiled food).
2- Have a drink of castor oil 60 cm one hour after dinner with any warm drink preferred by the patient such as star anise - fenugreek.
3- After taking the laxative, the patient fasts completely from food, and it is allowed to drink water and warm drinks only.
4- Make an enema ready (Enemax) 4 hours before the reservation appointment.
5- Make an enema ready (Enemax) 2 hours before the reservation appointment.
6- It is necessary to bring any previous x-rays available.

Gastrographin Followthrough

At Dokki Scan, we specialize in advanced Gastrographin Followthrough procedures tailored to provide our patients with comprehensive insights into the functionality of their small intestines. With cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced radiology professionals, we ensure precise imaging to facilitate a detailed examination process.

Through our advanced Gastrographin Followthrough procedures, we offer a thorough examination of the small intestines, enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. At Dokki Scan, our commitment is to deliver high-quality imaging services that prioritize your health and well-being. Explore the benefits of our advanced procedures and experience the difference of precise imaging at Dokki Scan.

We also have examinations for Gastrographin Enema and Gastrographin Meal, in our X-Ray Examination.


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