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C.T Petrous Bone with Contrast

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Kidney function test ( Creatinine - Blood Urea ) + 6 hours fasting.

C.T Petrous Bone with Contrast

Welcome to DokkiScan, where excellence in imaging meets cutting-edge technology. Our CT Petrous Bone with Contrast examination is a pinnacle of precision and diagnostic accuracy. Utilizing state-of-the-art CT multislice scanners, we delve deep into the intricacies of the petrous bone to provide unparalleled insights for proper diagnosis and treatment planning.

At DokkiScan, we are dedicated to offering advanced imaging solutions for your healthcare needs. Our C.T Petrous Bone with Contrast procedure is conducted by experienced professionals who prioritize your well-being and comfort throughout the examination. Trust DokkiScan for the most comprehensive and detailed imaging services, backed by the latest technologies that ensure the most accurate diagnosis possible.

We also have examinations for C.T Pelvis without Contrast and C.T Sacral Spine, in our CT Multislice Examination.


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