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Ambulatory Blood Pressure 72 Hr

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Ambulatory Blood Pressure 72 Hr

Dokki Scan: Accurate Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
Concerned about fluctuating blood pressure? Dokki Scan offers a convenient and accurate solution: 72-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. This non-invasive procedure involves wearing a comfortable device for three days, capturing your blood pressure readings throughout your daily activities. This provides a more comprehensive picture compared to traditional in-office measurements, helping your doctor gain valuable insights into your overall blood pressure health.

Experience Peace of Mind with Dokki Scan
At Dokki Scan, we understand the importance of accurate diagnoses and informed treatment decisions. Our commitment to patient care and advanced technology ensures you receive reliable results. Schedule your ambulatory blood pressure monitoring appointment today and gain a deeper understanding of your blood pressure patterns, empowering you and your doctor to make informed decisions for your health.


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